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After the battle with Kalakeyas, Amarendra Baahubali is declared as the future king of Mahishmati kingdom. Before he takes the charge, Rajamata Sivagami advice Baahubali and Kattappa to take a tour the kingdom to understand its current situation and its people. At that time Bahubali has fallen in love with Devasena, who was the Princess of Kuntala kingdom.
Suddenly Kuntala kingdom was attacked by Pindaris at night. The picture shown above describe the situation when Baahubali and Devasena fought together against pindaris.
Now available the saree which were Devasena at that moment, named as “Bahubali Saree“.

Devasena in 'Bahubali Saree'

Devasena Saree Bahubali Saree

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The Baahubali movie and also ‘Bahubali saree‘ protect our culture with ethnic glorious style; which makes it priceless!

This year (2017) girls and women madly likes Bahubali Sarees and Devasena Sarees online due to Baahubali movie fever all over the India.

Choreographer & designer design Devasena Saree like old fashion with new glamour; which really make gorgeous our Devasena in the movie Baahubali.

Do you know “attitude is everything“?

Don’t be foolish yourself. Your attitude should be a princess when you dressed in Bahubali saree ( Devasena Saree ).

Devasena Saree in Bahubali Movie

The most positiveness of “Devasena saree” is every single person likes your dress and also you! Little children love you as their Devasena, young persons like your beauty, glamour and dressing sense.

Senior persons start to respect your thought about Indian culture in ‘Bahubali Saree’ or “Devasena Saree”.

Bahubali Saree” & “Devasena Saree” is mostly use as a occasional gift. Also you can gift it to your friend and sister who is in 16 to 25 years young.

** The original sarees which used in the movie is not available in the market or any online shop. Check out maching similar Sarees here >>

Devasena Looking Gorgeous in 'Baahubali Saree'

Bahubali Saree Devasena Saree

Baahubali saree is the symbol of “honesty” and “fearless personality“. Your attitude should be like princess as ‘Devasena‘ in “Baahubali” movie when you well dressed in ‘Baahubali Saree‘.

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The next fashion in India going to be “Baahubali saree” and “Devasena Saree“, but Baahubali products are not available in market shops; only a few online shopping portal able to sell Bahubali products due to lacks of production.

Sivagami; The Bold Character in Bahubali Saree

Shivgami in Bahubali Saree

Sivagami is the boldest character in Bahubali movies. Designer designed her dress not so bright, but match with her bold decision making the character. Sivagami sarees is one of the categories of Bahubali sarees.

Sivagami Saree is suitable for those lady/women who can take bold decisions for her family and others.

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Bahubali Saree / Devasena Saree Online

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