Durga Puja Dress Collection – Offers, Deals, and Discounts [Updated]

Welcome to Durga Puja dress collection for all kind of people who love the fashion. Enjoy the Durga Puja 2018 with a big collection of dress for you and your family!

Durga Puja Dress Collection 2018

Durga Puja is the biggest cultural festival in India. In this festival, all people celebrate the Durga Puja with his/her family members & also with all relatives. Everybody want to wear a new dress in Durga Puja. People start to buy new dress for the whole family before the month of Durga Puja.

The festival becomes a fashion competition for young girls and boys. Also, women participate in saree & Jewelry competition with each other.

Now the thought will come to your mind is “how to dress up in Durga Puja?” Am I right? If yes, then you are in right place! Carefully read this article to know the suitable & latest trends in Durga Puja 2018.

I recommend you the perfect dress for all generation people according to time & situation of Durga Puja.

I have met some famous Indian dress designer and discuss with them about the upcoming dressing sense for Durga Puja 2018.

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Important Dates/Schedule Of Durga Puja 2018

Durga Puja 2018 will begin on Sunday, 14th October 2018 and ends on Friday, 19th October 2018. Best Of Luck!

MahalayaTuesday8th October
ShastiTuesday15th October
SaptamiWednesday16th October
AstamiThirsday17th October
NavamiFriday18th October
DashamiSaturday19th October
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Dhoti & Kurta/Panjabi - Durga Puja Dress

As we know the Durga Puja is a cultural festival for us, some situations encourage us to wear dhoti & punjabi/kurta to protect our culture and proud to be an Indian.

If you are head of the family , then dhoti-kurta is the best suitable dress for your personality on this Durga Puja. But not for all the time, you have to change your dress according to situation & time.

I have some recommendation for you. To the perfect collection for you “Check Details »

Dhoti kurta for Durga Puja dress 2018

Saree For Bong Lady & Others - Durga Puja Dress

Saree is the common and suitable dress for girls & women on any festival or occasions.

You have to wear saree in ‘Navami‘, that’s not matter how old are you!

You should choose the best saree for you according to your age, reputation & situation, From here »

Durga Puja Saree 2018
Click Here To Buy White Saree With Red Border

Jeans For Men and Women - Durga Puja Dress

After the ‘Puspanjali’ we are not wish to wear Dhoti-Punjabi. Also Girls are not l0ve to wear Saree. Men & women both love to wear jeans with Shirt/Top when he/she go to outside with friends and relatives for sum fun.

Durga Puja Jeans for men
Click Here For Men Jeans
Durga Puja Jeans for women
Click Here For Women Jeans
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