How Much RAM is Best For Mobile Phones?

What is the use of RAM in mobile phones?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Any part of the data it stores into RAM can be accessed directly. It’s effectively instant-access. RAM is very fast but volatile,

RAM is used to hold the data of a phone, or any computer system, is currently using. That way the speed of the storage doesn’t become slows the whole system down.

In the context of a phone, this means a chunk of an app’s data is loaded into RAM as soon as the app is started. Data is then shifted from RAM into a relatively tiny but even faster chunk of memory, the CPU caches, as it’s dealt with.

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Just as important, RAM is also what holds the data that enables multi-tasking. Some mobile devices now offer real Windows-style multi-tasking, where two apps are running on-screen at once. A good amount of RAM is crucial for multitasking.

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This is the crux of why having more RAM is better. It lets a phone store more of these app snapshots without encroaching on the RAM a phone needs to make its OS run effectively.

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Best Mobile Phones About RAM

Samsung galaxy s7 edgeSamsung Galaxy S7 EDGE4GB32GB
OnePlus 3TOnePlus 3T6GB64GB
LeEco Le Max 2LeEco Le Max 24GB32GB

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